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Bộ điều khiển ATR902 Pixsys


1 Configurable analog: Res. 16bit, selection between Thermocouples K, S, R, J ,T , E, N (automatic compensation of the cold junction 0..50°C, accuracy @25°C ±0,2% FS or ±1 digit)

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2 relays: 2 Relays 1A – 250VAC (with power supply voltage output signal)

Software features

Number of cycles / splits
Regulation algorithms: ON – OFF with hysteresis, P., PI, PID, PD with proportional time
Tuning: Manual or Automatic-predictive
Protections / Stand-By: Cycle modification block, Password for accessing the parameters. Stand-By function from ON/OFF key.
BarGraph functions: BarGraph equipped with 9 LEDs for signaling the segment in progress
Alarm mode: Absolute / Threshold, bandwidth, upper and lower deviation, step-related time auxiliary function
End of step waiting function: Compensation of SPV / PV differences in case of system overload or system inertia
Cycle recovery function: Cycle restart with automatic/manual gradient in case of power failure
Simple regulator function: Enables fixed threshold regulation from the cycles menu or from the cycle in progress
Initial hold: Delayed start of the cycle with decreasing timer