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Bộ hiển thị Modbus STR571

Bộ hiển thị Modbus STR571 Pixsys 100% made in Italy

  • Input: 2 digital PNP/NPN inputs programmable to enable outputs, reset alarms, configuration lock, increase/decrease value. 1 PNP input programmable to select values. 1 potentiometer input to set variable value
  • Output: 2 Relays 2A – 250V AC (resistive charge). 1 Auxiliary 24V DC / 30mA for external sensors supply
  • Communication: 1 RS485 Modbus RTU/Ascii master / multimaster galvanically isolated to communicate with slave devices, 1 RS485 Modbus RTU/Slave. 1 USB Virtual COM port for configuration and firmware upgrade
  • 2 Alarms: On-Off with hysteresis
  • Power supply: 24-230V AC/DC