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Thiết bị truyền động cho van Baelz 373-E66

Electric linear actuator with load-dependent limit switches.
For control valves up to DN150-DN300.

Actuator control: 3 point
Stroke: 12 – 66 mm
Electrical connection: 4 x M16x1.5
Cover: metal, yellow
Manual operation: handwheel
Actuator: Synchronous actuator
Ambient conditions:
Temperature: 10 … +50°С; relative humidity: 0 … 75%
Yoke options:
S41 – for fittings with Ø 22 mm spindle without cooling tube
S41С – for fittings with Ø 22 mm spindle with cooling tube
S23L – for fittings with Ø 16 mm spindle (also available in stainless steel)