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Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu nhiệt độ KTY DT45600

Sensor KT100, KT110, KT130, KT210, KT230,
KTY10-5, KTY10-6, KTY10-62, KTY10-7, KTY11-5, KTY11-6, KTY11-7, KTY13-5,
KTY13-6, KTY13-7,
KTY16-6, KTY19-6M, KTY19-6Z, KTY21-5, KTY21-6, KTY21-7, KTY23-5, KTY23-6, KTY23-7,
KTY81-110, KTY81-120, KTY81-121, KTY81-122, KTY81-210, KTY81-220,
KTY81-221, KTY81-222, KTY81-250, KTY81-251, KTY81-252,
KTY82-110, KTY82-120, KTY82-121, KTY82-122, KTY82-150, KTY82-151, KTY82-152,
KTY82-210, KTY82-220, KTY82-221, KTY82-222, KTY82-250, KTY82-251, KTY82-252,
KTY83-110, KTY83-120, KTY83-121, KTY83-122, KTY83-150, KTY83-151, KTY83-152,
KTY84-130, KTY84-150, KTY84-151, KTY84-152, ST-13, ST-15, ST-16, ST-20M, ST-20Z
Measuring range calibrated steps of 25 °C in complete sensor measuring ranges,
configurable via DIP switch or USB interface
Measuring span min. 25 K
Measuring error < 0.3 K + 0.05 % meas. val.
Sensor connection 3-wire, 2-wire
Sensor current 0.2 mA
Cable resistance < 100 Ohm per wire at 3-wire connection


Current Voltage
Output signal 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA 0 to 5V, 0 to 10V
Load ≤ 12 V   (600 Ohm @ 20 mA) ≤ 5 mA   (2 kOhm @ 10 V)
Residual ripple < 10 mVrms
transfer range 0 to 102.5 %  (3.8 to 20.5 mA at output 4 to 20 mA) Transfer characteristic rising/falling
Error signal Sensor/wire break, error signal programmable